Lyne F, Mahtomedi, MN

"I worked with the Kinnys, Steve and Monica, in both buying and selling a house.  When I was looking at houses to buy, they helped me with the loan process, getting pre-approved, letting me know what to expect, etc.  I was a pretty picky buyer and they did many searches and showed me many properties before I finally found my dream house.  They were so patient and did not allow me to settle for anything less than what I was looking for.

When it came time to sell my old house, they were able to advise me on how to show my house to its best advantage, and actually sold the house for more money than I expected to get for it.

Working with this team was a very positive experience from start to finish.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who is buying or selling."

Ehren M, Blaine, MN

"It was very hard to determine a starting point for this letter.  We have so many reasons to thank Steve and Monica, but I could not figure out which one was worthy of being the first.  But, after taking a little time to think about it, the #1 reason we would like to thank you for, is our sanity.  Selling a home is never an enjoyable event.  For it to be successful, it takes time and effort from both the homeowner and the listing agent(s).  However, with this recent experience, I do not feel effort explains what you put into selling our home.  From the very beginning, you gave us detailed information on what a reasonable price would be for our home and for how much we could expect to sell it.  Through the whole event, you kept us informed of every single event and never made us feel like an outsider in the transaction. 

There was never a time we were left wondering why, what, when, where or how.  No price tag can be put on that level of comfort.

I could tell that you truly cared about our state of mind and that meant a lot to us.  With all sincerity, THANK YOU!  We absolutely love our new home (which you helped us buy).  However, if we ever move again, I will want you as our agent."


John L, St. Paul, MN

"Thanks again for your time and the great customer service that you provided.  We will recommend Steve and Monica to any of our friends looking for a real estate agent from now on."

Gary F, Lake Elmo, MN

"We were always able to talk things over and come up with solutions.  You never pushed me in doing anything I didn't want to do.  I will recommend Steve and Monica to others.  Keep doing what you are doing, you're doing it well."

Kevin & Jeni M, Oakdale, MN

"Thank you Steve for helping us make a home!  We could not have done it without you.  Thank you for all your dedication to make this process easier."

Deb and Ted D, Linwood


" A few years ago we decided it was time to sell our home and get a new one. We just happened to pick the time when the housing market started to slip so it was a long haul.  Steve and Monica stuck through it with us! They were there through the ups and downs and the frustrations and never gave us less than 100%. In fact there were times that they gave us even more.

There is one point that will always stick in the back of my mind with the time we worked with them. We had found our dream house and it was going into foreclosure. Steve did everything he could do to try and make it happen during the short sell. The short sell ran out of time and we didn't succeed in getting the house. We moved on and tried to find something else that would work. Unbeknown to us that the whole time we were trying to find other places we wanted to look at Steve had an eye on the house we fell in love with and was right on top of it. The minute and we mean the minute it came back on the market as a foreclosure he had us in the house with papers ready to sign! We got our dream house. 

The house we sold an offer came in while we were on vacation and he was right there again. In contact with us, handling all the paperwork on this end and making sure we didn't loose out on the offer for the home we were selling. They even came over and helped paint part of the garage that the inspector required for the sale of our home to go through at the last minute. Now you do not find that in a Realtor often if at all. 

If you ever want a Realtor that goes the extra mile and more this couple is the ones for you!! They proved to us that they are not your typical Realtor and we will let everyone that we know that is looking for one that they are the ones to use. In fact our daughter started looking for a place shortly after we finished and they used Steve and Monica and came away with the same feelings that we have.

Thank you guys for all the help in helping us get our dream home and we still think and talk about the experience after a couple of years."

Thank You!